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Quick set-up, fast performance, and automatic updates

If you’re looking for reliable and painless and you don’t need more than Flatfile running on your site, we recommend you host on our network. We do constant minor improvements. No domain name required (or we can help you set one up).

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Optimized for Flatfile

We’re not trying to be a hosting company. We rent fast server space from Linode and manage a multi-user installation of WordPress. We host just for this purpose.


Automatic upgrades

We handle WordPress and Flatfile upgrades. We’re always keeping an eye on how the two are working together.


Trusted by working artists

Our first wave of artists have been up and running for months. Take a look:

  1. Anastasia Congdon
  2. Li Jun Lai
  3. Eamon Brown
  4. Chuck Plosky
  5. Hilda Shen

! Read before signing up
  1. Hosting on our network means that you’re using our centralized theme library. You’ll get updates as soon as they’re available and they’re installed automatically. You will have access to all the themes (for now, just one). However this also means you cannot customize the theme beyond the options that we offer.
  2. Yes you can have the site appear under your own domain name
  3. You can take your site with you if you leave for another host.
  4. If you point your domain name to our server, you can still use your domain name for email through Google. We do not host email.
  5. We have a total media cap of 500mb and an individual file cap of 7mb. In our beta period we found the biggest sites don’t even pass 250mb. These caps are there mostly to catch you when accidentally uploading huge files. If you outgrow your space, let us know.
  6. You cannot store non-Flatfile files on the network. All of your content must reside in your WordPress database. This can be images, text. Videos should be hosted elsewhere (Vimeo or YouTube)

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September 2, 2013