A WordPress theme for visual artists who need both archive and news

Flatfile is inspired by the physical storage system for which it’s named. Galleries, universities and artists buy flat file cabinets to organize and store their work. This is the digital equivalent. Now free under the GNU Public License.

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) Overview & Features
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  • Hilda Shen, hildashen.com

  • Thumbnails are created automatically when you upload your images

  • Images scale automatically to fit the screen size of your viewer

  • Details appear under or above the description. A detail replaces the featured image when clicked.

  • Edit any part of your site in your browser with WordPress — installed with Flatfile.

  • Changing text and images is intuitive.

  • WordPress’ simple interface makes finding content easy.

Define categories as either images or text. Use text categories for blogging, news, press, teaching and more. Learn more about the theme options

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  • Not only does Flatfile fit the iPad and iPhone well, but it’s great for editing your site with the WordPress app. Learn more.

Flatfile is GNU Public Licensed so you can change it to meet your needs. Changing stylesheets on your host is easy. Bigger changes are only limited by your knowledge of HTML and CSS

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  • Text/blog posts play up social media sharing

Eamon Brown, eamonbrown.com

Use your Google signin to set up a free tracking code on Google Analytics. Enter that code into Flatfile to track your usage in detail.

# Plans

Software only

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GNU Public licensed and distributed on Github. You install WordPress on your own hosting service and the zipped Flatfile theme. No personal support included.

$5 / mo

Host with us

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Installation, automatic WordPress and Flatfile upgrades on a fast Linode server. Standard theme only, includes 500mb storage.


Installation Help

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If you have a Web host, but need help getting a domain name, WordPress and Flatfile set-up there, choose this option.No personal support included.


Installation +
1 on 1 demo*

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* A one-time two hour maximum in-person training demo of WordPress and Flatfile theme in Providence, New York or San Francisco. We can set up a screen share or a phone call for other locations. More info.


Customization and/or help making your site

Buy 1-on-1 support

m More?

( User Guide & Support
Pay-for-help or do it yourself

Free content management tools have made putting a Web site together much easier. But even so, we know that a big barrier for many artists getting online is their comfort level with the tools. We don’t want you to have to go at it alone. For those who want help getting up to speed we offer a one-time session for $200 or a one-week retainer for $400. You’ll have direct access to a person. For the many of you ready to tinker, we’re putting up as many how-to videos and links to WordPress documentation. Note many of your support questions will likely be about WordPress — the open-source software that runs Flatfile. Take a look at what we have before you buy to see if you should budget for in-person support.

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September 1, 2013